Caring for Family Members/Loved Ones with Substance Misuse/Addictive Disorders

Substance Use and Misuse

You will explore the characteristics substances of use and misuse. You will also compare the differences between substance use, recreational use and misuse.

Child and Adolescent Substance Misuse

You will examine the prevalence and characteristics of child and adolescent substance misuse.

Changes in Behaviour

You will learn about the changes in behaviour in those who are misusing and/or dependant on substances and/or alcohol. You will also explore the signs and symptoms of substance/alcohol misuse in family members, loved ones and friends.

Types of Carers

You will explore the different types of carers including partners, older carers, kinship carers, young carers and parent carers.

Addiction and the Family

You will investigate the effects of addiction on the family. You will also learn about the risks to family members supporting loved ones with substance misuse and dependency.

Coping and Boundaries

You will explore coping approaches for families, loved ones and carers of individuals with substance misuse and dependency problems. You will also learn about setting boundaries as a family member, loved one and/or carer.

Getting Help and Support for Family Members/Loved Ones with Addictions

Finally, you will explore help and support options that for family members and loved ones experiencing problems with substance misuse and dependency.