Training Programmes for Carers

Modules for Carers (Total 5 Hours)

The training is delivered in short, manageable sessions. Participants can consolidate their learning at the end of each module with a short quiz. To read a description of each course, use the links below;

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Thank you for choosing Addictions UK as your training partner in addiction recovery.

The following modules are designed to provide carers of persons in addiction recovery with the necessary information to understand and deal with addiction and its effects on the family.

These modules are suitable for carers, however anyone looking to understand about the role of family in substance dependence or other dysfunctional behaviours can benefit from them.

The training is delivered in short, manageable sessions where you can learn at your own pace. Participants can consolidate their learning at the end of each module with a short quiz.

Addiction – The Family Disease (1 Hr)

This course will focus on addiction as a family disease.

Course participants will be provided with information about addiction as a disease, learn about enabling and codependency, understand dysfunctionality, primary psychological defence systems and familiarise themselves with the profile of a typical dysfunctional family system.

Finally, triggers for ‘relapse’ of family members as well as possible treatment options will be explored.

Not Mad, or Bad, But Sick (The Disease Concept) (1 Hr)

This course will provide you with an introduction to the disease concept of addiction.

You will explore the main characteristics of addiction, understand various denial mechanisms and how they impact progression of the disease and examine the myths surrounding substance abuse.

This is followed by an overview of addiction treatment and you will also have the opportunity to take a short quiz to self-assess your learning.

Adult Children of Alcoholics and Addicts (1 Hr)

Participants learn about the typical characteristics of adult children of alcoholics and explore the roles ACAs may adopt.

You will also get an opportunity to understand the role of family dynamics in a dysfunctional family and to take a quiz to self-assess your learning.

This module can be used independently or in conjunction with other modules to augment your knowledge about addiction recovery.

Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery (1 Hr)

The family plays an important role in addiction and to improve treatment outcomes we need to understand the long-term consequences of addiction especially in terms of damage to interpersonal relationships.

In this course you will also be able to learn about the active behaviours both the user and family can practice helping rebuild fragmented relationships and integrate your understanding to real life application.

The Family Afterwards (1 Hr)

Living with someone who is suffering from addiction can be challenging, even if they are in recovery.

Designed primarily for carers, this course will help carers to understand how to deal with the most common issues faced by the family when their loved one is in recovery.

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