Personality Questionnaire

Contact Information

I usually get fun and enjoyment out of life

I trust people I know

I’m not fussy about little details

I can’t decide what kind of person I want to be

I show my feelings for everyone to see

I let others make my big decisions for me

I get upset when I hear bad news about someone I know

Giving in to some of my urges gets me into trouble

Many people I know envy me

I give my general impression of things and don’t bother with details

I’ve never been arrested

People think I’m cold and detached

I get into very intense relationships that don’t last

Most people are fair and honest with me

People have a high opinion of me

I feel awkward or out of place in social situations

I’m too easily influenced by what goes on around me

I usually feel bad when I hurt or upset someone

I find it difficult to throw out things

At times I’ve refused to hold a job, even when I was expected to

When I’m praised or criticised I let others know how I feel

I use people to get what I want

I spend too much time trying to do things perfectly

People often make fun of me behind my back

I’ve never threatened suicide or injured myself on purpose

My feelings are like the weather; they’re always changing

To avoid being criticised I prefer to work alone

I like to dress so I can stand out in a crowd

I will lie or con someone if it serves my purpose

I am more superstitious than most people

I have little or no desire to have sex with anyone

People think I’m too strict about rules and regulations

I usually feel uncomfortable

I won’t get involved with people until I’m certain they like me

I would rather not be the centre of attention

I think my spouse (or lover) may be unfaithful to me

People think I have too high an opinion of myself

I am careful about what I tell others about myself

I worry a lot that people may not like me

I often feel “empty” inside

I work so hard, I don’t have time left for anything else

I worry about being left alone and having to care for myself

I have tantrums or anger outbursts

I have a reputation for being a flirt

I feel very close to people I’ve just met

I prefer activities that I can do myself

I lose my temper and get into physical fights

Some people think I’m tight or stingy with my money

I often seek advice or reassurance about everyday decisions

To get people to like me I help them with unpleasant jobs

I’m afraid of making a fool of myself with people I’m close to

I often mistake objects or shadows for people

I’m very moody

It’s hard for me to get used to a new way of doing things

I daydream about being famous

I take chances and do reckless things

Everyone needs a friend or two to be happy

I discover hidden threats in what some people tell me

I usually try to get people to do things my way

When I’m under stress things around me don’t seem real

I get annoyed when people won’t do what I ask

When a close relationship ends, I can hardly wait to start a new one

I avoid unfamiliar activities so I won’t be embarrassed trying to do them

People find it hard to get the point of what I’m saying

I prefer to associate with talented people

I’ve been the victim of unfair attacks on my character or reputation

I don’t show much emotion

I do things to get people to admire me

I’m usually able to start projects on my own

People think I’m odd or eccentric

I feel at ease in social situations

I’ve held grudges against people for years

I find it hard to disagree with people I depend on a lot

It’s hard for me to stay out of trouble

I go to extremes to try to keep people from leaving me

When I first meet someone I don’t say much

I have close friends