Co-occurrence of Substance Misuse and Mental Health Disorders

Relationships and Triggers

As part of this training you will explore the relationships and triggers associated with co-occurring substance misuse and other mental health conditions.

Mental Health Conditions

You will learn about ‘Duel Diagnosis’ and the comorbidity of addictive and substance misuse disorders with other psychiatric and mental health conditions. You will also explore the various mental ill health conditions and psychiatric disorders that may coexist with substance dependency and misuse.

Substances of Misuse

You will learn about the difference between substance use and misuse. Moreover, you will explore the various substances of use and misuse and their characteristics.

Treatment options

You will explore the various treatment options for substance misuse and dependency and coexisting mental health conditions. This includes detoxification, medication for substance misuse and mental health conditions, counselling and therapies and other interventions such as harm reduction interventions.

Additional needs

You will explore the barriers to treatment for those with substance misuse and dependency problems and coexisting mental health and psychiatric disorders. You will also examine exclusion and unmet need for those with comorbid addictive and mental health conditions. Finally, you will consider groups with additional needs, such as females, LGBTQ and other minorities.

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