About Addictions UK

Addictions Recovery at Home

Addictions UK was established by a group of recovering addicts, alcoholics and carers in 2002. Our aim and purpose is to bring recovery to others, especially by means of home-based treatment.

All our programmes are abstinence-based. Most do not require residential rehabilitation and so allow clients to continue their usual activities while finding the route to normal living. The range of our services is very wide and does include arrangements for Residential Rehab for clients to whom we recommend it. We also offer other opportunities for recovery and growth such as learning and spiritual journeys overseas.

Our Work

Addictions UK is run by recovering addicts with good clean time. All treatment and support staff are also recovering addicts with excellent clean time. This helps us to remain, client, focused – offering shared hope, strength and experience.

We work to support Families, Friends and Carers as well as working with addicts. Our “Families and Friends” support team all have active experience of addiction within their own families.

Our programmes are made affordable to all through a variety of finance schemes including some available to clients who are unwaged or unemployed.

We continue to work and actively market our services to Public Sector organisations, Occupation Health Groups, Insurance Companies, Employers and Self Funding individuals. Our work is monitored and evaluated by local academics and we are accredited with both Public Sector Organisations and Insurance Companies.

Our staff members are located throughout the UK and in associate projects abroad.

For Detox at Home and Addiction Treatment, we use medically qualified staff, supported by accredited counsellors and psychotherapists.

We are committed to serving our clients and respecting their wellbeing in every way.

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