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Addictions UK offer a wide range of services designed to help people recover from addiction to drugs, alcohol and harmful behaviours.

Services range from medical interventions such as our Home Detox Programme which allow addicts to withdraw from physical addiction safely, under medical supervision and at home, through to essential counselling and after care services that help addicts into long term, sustainable recovery.

Many of these services extend to the friends and family members of the addict. We also treat many of the compulsions and mental health conditions such as depression that often accompany addiction.

If you believe that you have an addiction and are really committed to recovery, send us a message online, or call us today on 0800 140 4044

UK Home Detox Programme

Many people would prefer to be treated at home for any illness and we know that this is particularly true of people dealing with addictions. At Addictions UK we deliver medically supervised UK Home Detox Programmes.

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Family and Friends of Addicts

The families and friends of an alcoholic or addict may have tried almost everything to stop their loved one from the unmanageability that can cause chaos in family homes and within relationships everywhere. Addictions know no boundaries and can happen within any family. Employers care too and we have special services for them.

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Family, Friends and Carers

Addiction can affect the whole family, not just the addict. It is for that reason that we have a dedicated helpline to support the Families, Friends and Carers of our clients. Sometimes the insanity of the addict or alcoholic spreads to those close to them, who feel pressurised to give in to their demands.

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Free Recovery Assessment

Addiction is a complex condition. No two addicts are the same. We are totally committed to the concept of offering a “client led” recovery programme. We believe that people should exercise their rights to choose their own treatment methods.

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Ongoing Care and Wellbeing

Ongoing support and treatment is available from our skilled Addiction Therapy Practitioners who are trained to use; Abstinence Recovery Programmes, Family Support Programmes, Coping Strategies, Teaching and Coaching methods, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Peer Support, Person-centred Counselling

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Personal and Group Skills Services

Personal Skills Addictions UK offers support and a range of courses and training experiences to help clients develop personal and group skills. Group Skills Personal Skills Please contact us for more information.

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Qualified Counselling and Coaching Services

Addictions UK offers a specialist Therapy and Counselling Service throughout the UK and beyond.  Addiction presents in two different forms; Psychological addiction can be identified when the addicted person shows psychological responses such as anxiety, depression, irritability/anger, mood swings, obsessive thinking or poor judgement.

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Recovery Housing

Addictions UK has a number of properties in the North-East of England offering comfortable and safe accommodation for those needing a place to live while in the early stages of recovery from addiction. Suitability and Support We will undertake an assessment to see if we are the agency offering offering the most appropriate accommodation.

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Relapse Prevention Programme

“Stopping is easy, staying stopped is hard.” (Alcoholics Anonymous Member) Many people are tempted to cease treatment earlier than is wise. Having successfully stopped drinking, taking drugs or engaging in harmful behaviour, they want to move on with their lives.

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