Ongoing Care and Wellbeing

Relapse Prevention for Recovering Addicts

Ongoing support and treatment is available from our skilled Addiction Therapy Practitioners who are trained to use:

  • Abstinence Recovery Programmes
  • Family Support Programmes
  • Coping Strategies
  • Teaching and Coaching methods
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Peer Support
  • Person-centred Counselling

Relapse Prevention

Escaping dependency on Alcohol or Drugs or anything else is a life-changing, liberating achievement. But there is no ” cure” – staying free from addiction is a daily challenge.

Addictions UK will support you as you continue your recovery day-by day.

We can simply be there for you to contact whenever you need us or we can arrange a more formal programme of relapse prevention.

After Home-based Detox

Detox is not a cure! It is the start of a progress toward continuing recovery, focussed on avoiding the first drink or drug use which brings renewed addiction. With that aim we offer:

  • Daily Home-based Recovery Therapy using the telephone or other customised arrangements that can be reduced in frequency as recovery progresses.
  • Weekly Relapse Prevention and Extended Care through customised one-to-one sessions (the frequency may be increased).

Just a Phone call away from Addictions Recovery

When clients feel they have gained all they can from a structured Relapse Prevention Programme, we can discuss other customised Addiction Treatment options. Also, our free helpline is always available to all clients who have received help from our treatment services.

If you believe that you have an addiction and you are really committed to recovery, contact us now.

Video: What is After Care?

Addiction recovery is a way of life.
Coping with new challenges is easier when you have someone to talk to.
AddictionsUK provides free aftercare for clients and their families.