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Home Detox in London

At Addictions UK we have appointed specialist Doctors, based in London, to provide Home Detox services throughout the capital for alcohol recovery.

We are the leading agency offering Home-Based Addictions Treatment in the UK. We offer a range of medical and therapeutic services which are effective, confidential and affordable.

What is an alcohol home detox in London?

Detoxification when applied to addiction is defined as the natural process that occurs in the body as it attempts to rid the system of waste products and toxins from excessive, long-term alcohol consumption or drug use.

In a treatment setting, detox is usually accompanied by medication, and followed by therapy (not included in this product). The aim of detoxification is to rid the body of the addictive substance while managing withdrawal symptoms safely.

Our team will do a comprehensive review of alcohol, drug, medical and psychiatric history prior to advising on this or any other treatment.

Detox is only of value when combined with an on-going treatment programme. You can arrange this separately if you wish or we can add our Home Treatment Programme.

This involves continued talking therapy and support by a trained healthcare professional in the weeks following the Home Detox Programme.

Medical Detox can be arranged as part of your Home-based Recovery Process, our services are affordable, effective and confidential.

Safety is of paramount importance in conducting Medical Detox and we require full assessment before we agree to provide this service.

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Our services promote:

Immediate Service

We can normally contact you immediately to discuss your requirements. We will make all the arrangements after we have carried out a Risk Assessment and you will be given the telephone number of our 24/7 Helpline.

Our London-based Doctor will telephone you to discuss your requirement and to conduct a risk assessment.

Risk Assessed

Our Doctor will assess your individual needs along with a trained therapist. We may prescribe various medicines to help your body adjust to being without alcohol.

Home Based

Rather than registering for treatment in a clinic, you can receive treatment at home. We request that you have a responsible adult available to keep your medication and dispense it to you.


We offer the most competitive rates in London for Home-based Medical Detox and Treatment Services.

Home Detox UK Prices

Medically Supervised Home Detox UK Programme£995
Home Treatment Programme£30 ~ £150 per week


We have a robust policy on Confidentiality which will be explained to you before treatment commences.


We recommend that in all cases, some form of ongoing treatment or preventative programme is obtained.

Continuing Therapy

We have a range of therapy, psychotherapy and recovery coaching services which can continue to support you.

What does a detox involve?

A Detox only serves to remove alcohol safely from your body. Any treatment offered will be according to the Addictions UK Conditions of Service, which you must agree to follow if any treatment is to be commenced.

The support offered by our team will provide a routine and help instil a level of discipline to ensure you understand the coping strategies to handle your triggers.

Furthermore, home detox is a great option for those who have a previous understanding, or period in recovery.

Home Detox UK, London Services is located on Fishponds Road, SW17 7LH.

If you are interested in a home detox, or home counselling package, call us today on our National Freephone Helpline 0800 140 4044, or send us a message online.