UK Home Detox Programme

Many people would prefer to be treated at home for any illness and we know that this is particularly true of people dealing with addictions.

At Addictions UK we deliver medically supervised UK Home Detox Programmes. This allows us to deliver the treatment delivered on hospital wards and in clinics in a private supportive home environment, making a painful situation a little easier. There’s usually no place more comfortable, safe-feeling and controlled than home.

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What is a Home Detox?

Detoxification when applied to addiction is defined as the natural process that occurs in the body as it attempts to rid the system of waste products and toxins from excessive, long-term alcohol consumption or drug use.

In a treatment setting, detox is usually accompanied by medication, and followed by therapy (not included in this product). The aim of detoxification is to rid the body of the addictive substance while managing withdrawal symptoms safely.

Our team will do a comprehensive review of alcohol, drug, medical and psychiatric history prior to advising on this or any other treatment.

Detox is only of value when combined with an on-going treatment programme. You can arrange this separately if you wish or we can add our Home Treatment Programme.

This involves continued talking therapy and support by a trained healthcare professional in the weeks following the Home Detox Programme.

Medical Detox can be arranged as part of your Home-based Recovery Process, our services are affordable, effective and confidential.

Safety is of paramount importance in conducting Medical Detox and we require a full assessment before we agree to provide this service.

Freephone: 0800 140 4044
Local rate: 0300 330 3040

The Benefits of Home Detox

Speedy Service

We can normally contact you immediately to discuss your requirements. We will make all the arrangements after we have carried out a Risk Assessment and you will be given the telephone number of our 24/7 Helpline.

Medically Safe

A Doctor will assess your individual needs along with a trained therapist. We may prescribe various medicines to help your body adjust to being without alcohol or drugs.

This treatment is designed to prevent extreme withdrawal symptoms such as seizures or fits and will help avoid the discomfort and anxiety of “cold turkey” reactions.

Your body will re-balance as the medication is gradually reduced. At the start of your prescribed regime, you may be given a strong sedative and maybe something to help you sleep.

This is at the professional discretion of a Trained Medical Professional.


Unlike signing in for treatment in a clinic which isolates you from your normal pattern of life; home-based treatment allows you to carry on with many of your regular activities. Using heavy equipment or driving is not recommended during treatment.


The cost of residential treatment is obviously much higher than treatment at home through your detox, even if you require additional support. The cost is calculated according to your needs and requirements.


You may worry about the effect on your job or career that having an addiction and home detox on your medical records might have. Addictions UK sign a waiver that ensures confidentiality.

We will not contact your GP unless we receive your permission.In some cases, however, we may ask to liaise with your own GP if there is an ongoing medical condition that may place you at risk.

Addictions UK does not contribute any personal information or statistics in any form to Central or Local Government Agencies or other Addiction Databases.


After the initial prescribing consultation, the Addictions UK 24/7 Helpline will deal with any urgent questions or any complications you need to report.

You will also need help from a skilled therapist to help you remain free from addiction. Our programme can include the first month of ongoing support to help you avoid dependence in the future. We recommend that in all case some form of ongoing treatment or preventative programme is obtained.


We have a range of therapy, counselling and recovery coaching services which can continue to support you and, where appropriate, your family and friends. Medical Detox is not a cure.

You will need continuing care. We will not conduct Home Detox unless some form of ongoing recovery programme is agreed in advance.  A Detox only serves to remove alcohol or drugs safely from your body. 

It does not act as a cure for your pathological dependence issues.Trying to Detox from alcohol or drugs on your own can be extremely dangerous.

Withdrawal from alcohol can be particularly hazardous and some people can suffer seizures.

Our Medically Supervised Home Detox Programmes is tailored around your individual needs and our specialist addiction staff will manage all aspects of your treatment.

Addictions UK always conducts a comprehensive needs and risk assessment in order to determine the best and most appropriate treatment for the individual.

Any treatment offered will be according to the Addictions UK Conditions of Service which you must agree to follow if treatment is to be commenced.

FREE Relapse Prevention Downloads

All Home Detox Service Users clients will receive free access to Relapse Prevention Downloads. As part of our comprehensive, affordable and effective treatment packages.

Home Detox UK Prices

Medically Supervised Home Detox UK Programme.£995
Home Treatment Programme£30 ~ £150 per week

What Next?

Please contact us to discuss a Home Detox Programme or any of our other services as each needs to be carefully tailored to the needs of the individual.

Freephone: 0800 140 4044
Local rate: 0300 330 3040