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Gaming Addiction

Playing games on computers, consoles, hand held and mobile devices is a familiar part of modern life, particularly, but not exclusively, among the young. The problem is that some people are susceptible to gaming addiction in the same way others are susceptible to becoming dependent on alcohol. The fact of the matter is that gaming addiction is every bit as real as any other kind of addiction.

Society has thus far been slow to accept gaming addiction because we so often equate addiction with chemical substances. But when you compare the obsessive behaviours of compulsive gamers with the behaviours exhibited by drug and gambling addicts, quite a few similarities arise.

What are the signs of Gaming Addiction?

There are both physical and psychological signs that a person is suffering from gaming addiction. The generally accepted signs of gaming addiction are as follows:

  • Unusual preoccupation with the idea of getting back online to play
  • Self-imposed isolation in order to guarantee uninterrupted play
  • Feelings of irritability and restlessness when not playing games
  • Lying about the amount of time spent gaming
  • Persistent headaches caused by too much screen time
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome caused by excessive use of gaming devices
  • Diminished personal hygiene and poor diet
  • Persistent fatigue due to lack of sleep.

Help with Gaming Addiction.

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