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Free Recovery Assessment

Addiction is a complex condition. No two addicts are the same. We are totally committed to the concept of offering a “client led” recovery programme. We believe that people should exercise their rights to choose their own treatment methods.

Realising you have an addiction to drugs, alcohol or harmful behaviours and reaching out for help is a first and vital step towards recovery.

Determining appropriate treatment is the next step, and we offer a free one-off assessment service for anyone who thinks they might benefit from some sort of therapeutic assistance.

Our assessment lasts around 30 minutes and we will give you a clear idea of what sort of treatment plan might be of benefit to you.

After they have completed one of our assessment forms, we listen carefully to our clients and offer them choices that range from joining self-help groups, to beginning our own treatment programmes or other home-based or residential services.

We never seek to sell our own services unless that is the correct path for the individual.

To receive your free assessment please telephone us on 0800 1404044 or contact us.