Recovery Housing

Addictions UK owns several properties in the North-East of England and in co-operation with Addictions North East offer comfortable and safe accommodation for those needing a place to live while in the early stages of recovery from addiction or who require intensive residential support because of mental health issues or neurodiverse conditions. 

Abstinence is a strict condition of the offer of a place in our houses. Clients who relapse into substance abuse will have their contract terminated immediately.

Residents are offered shared accommodation with one/ two others in a shared house and will have the dedicated support of a key worker to support them. 

Service users who are entitled to Housing Benefits can claim most of their supported housing costs through Housing Benefit.  Fee Paying service users are charged £500.00 per week – minimum stay is 4 weeks.

Addictions UK and Addictions North East do not accept clients through fee charging Referral Agents.

Suitability and Support

We have a team of staff who, while not in residence, are available 24/7 to help our residents.

As well as the full range of support for our clients in recovery, we help those around them too. Find out about our support for families and friends of addicts and how we can assist employers with staff experiencing unmanageable behaviours.

For further information click on Addictions North East Supported Housing service.

Addictions North East offer an extensive therapeutic support, you can read more about this service by clicking here.

If you require a Home-based medical detox this must be completed before acceptance into the Supported Housing Programme. Read more about our UK Home Detox Programme here.

Please telephone 0300 330 3040 for further information contact us

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you.