Keep it Simple

I have often wondered if addicts are complicated people, or people who like to make things complicated? I know that when I ask myself this question, I find that it is me who is making life more complicated than it needs to be. Addicts are overthinkers; we are experts at making mountains out of molehills. […]

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Shame and regret

Learning from our past and letting go of shame Regret can be transformed into a learning opportunity.  If you attend a 12-step meeting, you are sure to hear individuals freely share their stories and journey through addiction. Many have been through instances of extreme trauma and been involved in horrible crimes. Others will talk about […]

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The Benefits of Self-Care

Simple ways to build resilience while adapting to the new normal  During the past three months, I have had a recurring dream – or should I say nightmare – some grey and gloomy narrative related to a virus. I would wake up and realise that it is real. As I started living the new normal […]

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Addicts are not criminals

Are Addicts Criminals? Despite all the awareness about addiction being a ‘disease’, there is an undeniable stigma attached to alcoholics and drug addicts. Addicts and alcoholics are not just viewed as weak-willed and morally deficient, but also as criminals. This fact is further compounded by the fact that there is a well-established and complex link […]

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Now I Have Choices

  I was born into a regular family and always felt that my real troubles did not start until high school. I found it hard to fit in and was bullied, the children at my school were cruel. I felt so misunderstood and alone. Later in adulthood, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, and maybe this […]

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Recovery Capital

What is Recovery Capital? Every so often there is a buzzword that is attached to recovery, ‘Recovery Capital’ is one of those. However, unlike other buzzwords that seem to serve to confuse, ‘Recovery Capital’ comes from academic research and holds relevance. But what does it mean in real terms?  The phrase ‘Recovery Capital’ was first […]

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