12-Steps Recovery from Addiction Programme

This training focuses on the 12-Steps Programme for recovery from addiction. You will learn about the key concepts of 12-Steps Programme and identify methods of application.This is a highly interactive course.

Background and Context

You will explore the background to 12- Steps and receive an overview of the 12- Steps programme.

Steps 1 to 3

You will explore steps 1 to 3 of the 12-Steps programmes. This includes the concept of powerlessness, in terms of admitting powerlessness over addictions, recognising that help is needed. You will also explore the concept of ‘higher power’ and the significance of this concept in recovery from addiction.

Steps 4 to 6

You will explore steps 4 to 6 of the 12- Steps programmes. This includes the requirement and process of making an objective assessment of oneself. You will also examine the concepts of truth and reconciliation in terms of successful recovery from addictions. Finally, you will examine the processes involved in ‘letting go of defects in character.

Steps 7 to 9

You will explore steps 7 to 9 of the 12- Steps programmes. This includes the process of seeking to have one’s shortcomings removed, listed those harmed and making efforts to make amends.

Steps 10 to 12

You will explore steps 10 to 12 of the 12- Steps programmes. This includes staying in recovery seeking through awareness. You will also learn about the ongoing process of recovery and support for other in the early stage.

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