Addictions, Withdrawal Recovery and Treatment

What is addiction?

You will explore the definitions and theories associated with addiction. You will learn about the development and progression of addiction, recognise the brain’s reward pathways, and recognise different theoretical models for understanding addiction.

Theories of addiction

You will explores models and theories of addictions, i.e. biological theories, disease model, evolutionary model, developmental model, sociological theories and self- medication model.

Withdrawal from addictive substances

You will examine withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and various addictive substances.

Abstinence, recovery and relapse

You will compare the concepts and practices of abstinence and harm reduction. You will also learn about the signs, symptoms and triggers for lapse and relapse, and definitions of recovery.

Addiction treatment options

You will investigate various treatment options for alcohol and substance dependency, i.e. detoxification, medication, counselling and therapies, harm reduction interventions, lifestyle support.

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