Neurodiversity and Pathological Dependency

History of Neurodiversity

As part of this training you will learn about the history and background of neurodiversity. Delegates will have the opportunity to explore the context, definitions and theories surrounding neurodiversity.

Neurodivergent Conditions

You will investigate a number of neurodivergent conditions encompassed under the ‘neurodiversity’ umbrella. You will also have the opportunity learn about developmental, psychiatric and medical conditions included under the term ‘neurodiversity.’

Addiction Definitions and Theories

You will understand various definitions of addiction, and the development and progression of addiction. You will also recognise the brain’s reward pathways. Finally, you will recognise different theoretical models for understanding addiction You will explore various definitions of addiction, the development of addiction, and the theories concerning addiction.


You will investigate different types of substances of misuse. You will also explore behavioural addictions.

Neurodiversity and Addictions

You will investigate the prevalence of comorbid addictive disorders and neurodivergent conditions. You will also examine explanations for comorbid addictive disorders and neurodivergent conditions. Finally, you will explore options for treatment, care and support for individuals with comorbid addictive disorders and neurodivergent conditions.

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