Abstinence Versus Harm Minimisation

When entering support for addiction/alcoholism the individual enters a period of confusion. The main source of confusion stems from the Individuals own brain, which is sending conflicting messages. Substances are often a crutch for the individual and have been predominantly used to hide feelings of inadequacy and fear. So, whilst the individual might be determined […]

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Understanding Serenity

“We will comprehend the word serenity, and we will know peace” (Promises of Alcoholics Anonymous). Life is to be enjoyed to the fullest. But of course, it has ups and downs. Whilst we have periods where things are going well, sometimes we feel we are pushing against the grain. We experience fears, and even the […]

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DSM-5 and Addiction Treatment

If you’re working in the area of mental health, including addiction treatment – or if you’re in recovery from addiction yourself – you’ve most heard of the DSM-V (also referred to as the DSM-5). The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was first published in 1952, has been helping physicians and mental health care […]

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Keep it Simple

I have often wondered if addicts are complicated people, or people who like to make things complicated? I know that when I ask myself this question, I find that it is me who is making life more complicated than it needs to be. Addicts are overthinkers; we are experts at making mountains out of molehills. […]

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