A Mother’s Addiction Story

When I phoned Addictions UK I was really clutching at straws.
My son lived in an apartment with nothing but a mattress, duvet and a few worthless possessions. He managed a phone call to us once a week to let us know that he was still alive and his life was taking drugs, sleeping and very little food – that was it! As parents we had to endure all the worries and anxieties it brought – like the added worry of an addict partner that he had split from and a small daughter that somehow survived.
By now we had tried everything in the book to turn him around before he reached a point of no return – remembering also the child and his responsibilities to her.
My son’s addiction problem took priority with payment being worked out at affordable amounts. Today five months later my son is winning the battle against addiction. His daughter is now allowed to live with him with my husband and me as her carers. He has been taught to understand his own addiction problems and to deal with them. So far, it is a Happy Ending but of course addicts live one day at a time and none of us expect. We are just thankful we have come so far.
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