Celebrating New Year’s Eve Sober

A Survivor’s Guide 

The start of a new year should be a happy time, but it can be anything but for people trying hard to stay sober.

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve is one of the best times for the beverage business to make money. Research shows that those few weeks bring in one-fourth of the distilled spirits industry’s millions a year.

This means there is a lot of temptation everywhere, from family gatherings, nightclub parties, and social media with a countdown clock.

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Have a sober New Year’s Eve

Many people think New Year’s Eve is one of the year’s most fun and exciting nights. Now is the time to set goals for the next 12 months and think about how far you’ve come in the past 12 months.

However, this holiday can be challenging for people who have promised not to use drugs or alcohol.

You can still have a lot of fun during the holidays even if you are not drunk.

You can try one of the ideas on our list or come up with your own.

Want some stylish ways to welcome 2024 without drinking?

Here are some of our favourite ways to have the time of your life.

1. Have a dance party

It is as fun as it sounds.

You don’t need to be invited to the town’s hottest New Year’s Eve dance party. You can have your party instead, and you can decide the rules. Which one of those rules? No alcohol!

Have fun with the theme, the music, the food, and the decorations. It doesn’t matter what you love—tacky sweaters, neon 90s gear, country-western clothes, or anything else! Then, make sure the rest of the theme goes with the clothes.

Cutting a rug will be so much fun that you won’t care what other people do (or drink).

2. Throw a dinner party

A dinner party is a great way to ensure the food has all the attention.

Bring some friends who have been with you on this journey who respect your choice not to drink. Then, make your menu enjoyable! First, have some fancy appetizers. Then, find a main dish that everyone can help make. Think “make your own pizzas” or “make your own sushi rolls”!

To drink, look into some holiday-themed mocktails. Do you want a raspberry frost soda?

3. Give your time for free

At this time of year, is it hard for you to resist the urge to drink? Spending time helping others is one of the best ways to clear your mind and see things in a new light.

Find out about soup kitchens, youth programmes, shelters for people experiencing homelessness, and other places in your area where you might find neighbours who need help. Next, on New Year’s Eve, instead of fighting temptation, spend the evening giving back. Get some of your best friends to help and make it an annual event!

4. Put your mind at ease

Undoubtedly, the holidays can be tough on our minds. The stress of trying to fit time with family and friends into an already full vacation, plus the hustle and bustle of shopping for gifts.

Your nerves are still shot, your emotions are out of control, and your mind is still racing when New Year’s Eve comes around. This adds to the stress of having to deal with a holiday with a lot of drinking. Make time for some quiet time to help you stay sober and sane.

At this point, you could do yoga, meditate, pray, or sit quietly and let your mind wander. After that, write down your New Year’s resolutions. Make sure they are realistic and achievable.  

5. Set up a night to play games

Different group games, like Cards Against Humanity, charades, and Monopoly, can make your night more fun.

Hosting a game night is a great way to stay clean and sober on New Year’s because it’s easier to be competitive when you’re not drunk. Each friend should bring their favourite game, and you should play each in turn.

A friendly bet can raise the stakes. Those who lose the most games have to do the dishes after dinner!

6. Spend time outside

If you want to avoid drinking on New Year’s Eve, you don’t have to stay home and be bored. What if you don’t like parties? Use this as an excuse to go outside instead!

With a small group of close friends or family, go ice skating, stargazing, or tent camping. Breathe in the cool air to clear your mind and strengthen your body. Start the new year off right by getting back into the healthy habits you’ve worked so hard to form.

7. Get away from it all

There’s no reason to stay home on New Year’s. For some people, it might be tough to be in places they’re used to going when there are celebrations.

The week before New Year’s Eve, your favourite restaurant might be where people drink a lot. You might not want to go out, but your friends might push you to do so. It’s possible that your childhood was full of temptations.

If so, take a few extra days off work and plan a long weekend! Do something new and sober by going somewhere you’ve never been before.

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