Addiction Recovery While Still at Work

I am sure that everyone thinks their problem or situation is unique. My problem and situation probably is however a little ‘different’ – I have a huge issue with ego and self-esteem and this had led me to become a compulsive liar and to also engage in terrible behaviours that put my loved ones at risk. I do not abuse alcohol or drugs. The behaviours and actions I engaged in were related to being a poor husband generally and engaging in an extra-marital affair.
So, I came to the program in a desperate state – totally out of control in terms of my behaviours and actions. I was in a very difficult place and spiralling toward complete self-destruction, and I had also put my wife at risk and utterly destroyed our relationship.
Through a combination of the 12 steps (very nicely adapted for my particular situation), CBT techniques and daily support I have been able to begin down a path of recovery and face all the issues from my past, but more importantly identify who it is I want to be and begin living my life as that person. The steps have provided structure and a very practical approach towards turning things around – and the interactions with my counsellor have been excellent in terms of keeping me grounded. The beauty of this approach has been that it is simple. The supplementary material (books / DVDs) have been very good as well and have allowed me to continue to do work in private at my own pace.
The service has really helped me – and it has been the holistic approach that has worked well. The daily contact at a time that fits with my work schedule has allowed me to continue to engage with my life, whilst working on making myself better.
I’ve got a way to go and understand that there can never be enough growth and development for me – I am on the right path now however and will continue to grow, improve and develop.
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