A Little Better

Reach but be Realistic

It’s a bad thing to have no ambition, no sense of the possible.
It’s just a bad to believe that you have no limits and can achieve anything. That way starts with arrogance but soon leads to disappointment and despair.
The trick to making progress in anything is to keep on setting yourself goals that are a little beyond your current reach. They must always stretch you but must always be possible, at least after a reasonable number of attempts.
Those in recovery from addiction should always have the benefit of a mentor’s objective and detached advice about what is a fair and reasonable target. A wise guide will prevent you either being too soft on yourself or kidding yourself about the realities of what you can achieve in the short term. It’s vital that you make as much progress as you can while not risking too much disappointment and discouragement.
The team at Addictions UK have all been there and know and understand all sorts of challenges that addicts face, whether the challenge is alcohol addiciton, drug addiction or addiction to anything else. One of them will be very happy to help you map out your goals, will encourage you to achieve them and will help you through disappointments and set-backs.

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