Addictions UK – Home Based Addiction Treatment

Simon Stephens from Addictions UK explains who Addictions UK are and what they do.

Hello, my name is Simon Stephens, I’m Director of case work at AddictionsUK.

AddictionsUK is a social enterprise that began back in 2004.

A group of recovering addicts and family members got together, to see what was missing in the addictions recovery field.

We wanted to create a unique experience for our addicts looking for recovery, hence AddictionsUK.

We wanted to reach clients who are not covered by the current system, either rehabs that were too expensive or the treatment offered was so restrictive it didn’t help.

We’ve found that a great many clients had been missed out before on the treatment programme’s, are benefiting from the work we have to offer.

We’re a not-for-profit organisation and we’ve also employed many former addicts, who would not find work elsewhere, but have an immense amount of experience to help you get well.

Why do I chose to work with AddictionsUK?
It’s a great privilege to work with people and help them into recovery. This programme I feel is unique and has offered chances to those who have been left out before.

There is nothing better than watching someone move from helplessness and hopelessness into recovery, to regain their former life and most of all, to enjoy life with a new happiness.

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