Addicts going on holiday?

Yes … Addiction Treatment can continue on Holiday !

Today, I have worked with two clients today who are away from home and on holiday with their families. The weather is marvellous here and I hope that they too are enjoying the sunshine and having fun. Things get much better when we do not drink (alcoholically) even in early sobriety. Sadly though our recovery must come first – we ignore at our peril the need to practice our recovery every day.

Our methods of treating clients allow us to continue working together and to address the various mental obsessions that make us give into our addiction. Holiday time can be a stressful experience and we use our best endeavours to keep in contact and to work with clients during this time of risk.

The flexibility of our treatment programme allows us to support clients through holiday time for the whole family. Our 24/7 help line is always available and can be accessed from within the UK and internationally. Remember you are just a phone call away from addictions recovery. Telephone us on 0800 140 4044

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