Al-Anon supports Families and Friends of Alcoholics

Al-Anon Groups help the friends and families anonymously – they work in the same way as Alcoholics Anonymous. They do not offer advice but do share strength home and experience amongst their members

Al-Anon Family Groups provide support to anyone whose life is, or has been, affected by someone else’s drinking. Al-Anon (the sister organisation of Alcoholics Anonymous) believe alcoholism affects the whole family, not just the drinker. They are an international organisation with over 800 support groups in the UK and Republic of Ireland. Al-Anon is a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experience in order to solve their common problems.
Addictions UK suggests to family members and friends of alcoholics that they might well gain help and assistance from this organisation.   It is not for all – but many people find support and fellowship here.  There are meetings throughout England Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.
Al-Anon’s Confidential Helpline -please telephone  020 7403 0888 – Al-Anon is available 10 am – 10 pm, 365 days a year) Fax: 020 7378 9910. Al-Anon can also be contacted at: For meetings in the United Kingdom or throughout the world Al-non have provided some excellent links on their website.
Al-Anon Family Groups hold regular meetings where members share their own experience of living with alcoholism. Al-Anon does not offer advice or counselling, but members give each other understanding, strength and hope.
Al-Anon – Helpline 020 7403 0888 – for Addictions UK’s  own 24 / 7 carers helpline  – telephone 0800 140 4044

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