Anger in Addiction – A Major Cause of Relapse

Anger is a natural emotion. In addiction people can end up in a negative cycle – drinking or using substances because they are angry with others or themselves.  Using substances also removes an individual’s inhibitions which can turn Thoughts and feelings of anger into violent behaviour or relationship problems.
It is not possible for someone to address their anger management and continue to use as they cannot think clearly, this is why it is essential to explore these issues in treatment. Through counselling, clients become able to understand and process their anger.
Once a person has stopped using substances, it can become easier for them to control their anger, something they may have found difficult whilst using drugs or alcohol.  For some people it may help them to get more in touch with anger they didn’t previously feel.
Addiction treatment can help people to become more in tune with the physiological changes that anger creates.  Anger fuels a chemical release in the body that drugs and alcohol can mask. When people recognise this feeling they can wait until they are calmer to think more clearly instead of responding immediately with anger.
As anger can be such a relapse trigger it is addressed in recovery and in the 12 steps, which encourages people to let go of resentment. Tackling anger during addiction recovery can be challenging but Addictions UK can effectively address both to increase your chances of long term recovery from addiction.
Simon Stephens, Director of Casework, said, “Anger is a major cause of relapse and it is essential that people in recovery continue to work on their feelings. Anger is one letter away from Danger”.
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