As Others See Us

Self examination cannot be completed alone.
Several of the Twelve Steps, one way or another, require self-examination.
However good our intentions, it is a task that is almost impossible to complete with honesty, integrity and clarity.
Our picture of ourselves is always distorted.
Sometimes we judge ourselves too harshly, convinced that we should have done better whatever the pressures and obstacles that made success impossible.
Sometimes we are too easy on ourselves, justifying our actions by excusing the inexcusable.
Maybe more importantly, the character traits and failings that obsesses us most seem less relevant to others and less of a priority for change.
So, while it is vital that our life and lifestyle needs to come under close scrutiny, we really must get help from someone who can be more objective.
Our family and friends will help us. But even they are too involved. They too will be tempted either to make light of serious issues or else to focus on less important aspects of our behaviour that happen to have caused problems for them.
We really need the help of an experienced, ideally a trained and professional analyst who will ask the right questions and help us see ourselves clearly.
Please contact us now if you need help with recovery from any addiction and especially if you are seeking home-based treatment.

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