Can you cure addiction alone?

As a recovering alcoholic, married to a recovering alcoholic, also the daughter of alcoholics I don’t believe that alcoholism/addiction can be cured alone. We all need help especially with issues relating to denial.
Growing up surrounded by alcoholics and drug addicts meant that my teenage years were plagued with unmanageability and chaos. The abnormal became the normal and drinking, drug taking and violence was an everyday occurrence.

Once I became a mother myself something within me changed and I had a moment of clarity. I knew I wanted better childhood for my children than I had myself. This new way of thinking for me was only the start. I tried to stop drinking by myself only managing a few days until I Thought maybe just a few drinks at the weekend would be fine. Once the weekend came and the drinks began then I could not stop again I had set off the craven which then began the whole vicious cycle again. I had a few more failed attempts at doing it alone and began to lose hope.

My father and my husband had been attending AA meetings so I decided I should try it also. Life slowly became less unmanageable and a lot more serene. With the help of another recovering alcoholic I managed to abstain from alcohol and have done so for nearly six years now. I am positive that I would not have been able to do this by myself as my own and my family’s failed attempts in the past to do it alone is all the proof I needed.

I continue to look to other alcoholics for support and guidance as again I have seen other alcoholics who think they no longer need help and can do it alone have relapsed and very quickly sank back into a life of unmanageability.

My life has turned around since I found recovery. I am now working with an addiction agency, undergoing a degree at my local University and leading a happy life. I am encouraged when my friends now tell me that it gets better ….

I am impressed with the work of Addictions UK and wish them well in their work. They can be contacted by telephone on 0800 140 4044

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