Thought: ‘Someone cares that you show you care.’

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It is human nature to feel the need to be cared for. As children we are dependent on our parents and the sense of needing support and comfort is something that remains with each of us for ever.
Alcohol addiction, drug addiction and other addictions can lead to an intense feeling or isolation, not least when we are desperately trying to exclude those around us from finding out the truth about our problems.
What is true of you is true of others. Those near to you (in any sense) will be eager for recognition and support. Whether they be workmates or family or friends, there are people who look to you to notice them and help them.
For most addicts the attention and advice of fellow recoverers and mentors (who are usually themselves recovering addicts) is a vital part of the plan for progress.
So take a moment to consider and list the people who depend on you for any sort of care, all the way from a little attention as you pass them to buy to the family and friends who feel they cannot cope without you. And remember how grateful you are for those who care about you and ask yourself is there is more you could do to express than gratitude.
Often those you care for and those who care for you are the same people and it’s easy to focus on strengthening the mutual bonds.

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