Caution! Be Careful in Selecting Professional Addiction Treatment Providers

Beware when using Third-Party Referral Agents while choosing professional help for your addiction treatment requirements.

Addictions UK is one of the leading agencies in offering a range of home-based non-residential addiction treatment options.

We are pleased to receive referrals from other bona fide organisations for our home-based addictions treatment.

We have no problems paying for some of the expenses or commission incurred by these organisations.

However, we do have major problems allowing referral agents to sell on our services at higher prices and branding them as their own and charging clients up to 40 per cent more of the fee for their own benefit.

Addictions UK does not promote or permit any agency from taking money in our name for any of our therapies or medical home-based detoxes. Nor do we employ, encourage or engage with any referral agents (Just passing on a telephone number to us and claiming hundreds of Pounds (£s) is not acceptable).

Our services are designed to be affordable, effective, ethical and confidential – and it would totally defeat our objective if we allowed, for example, other agencies to sell our services for a substantial profit to themselves.

We offer competitive rates for home-based medical detox (alcohol detox). At Addictions UK, we have not increased our prices for several years.

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Addictions UK is a Social Enterprise – and Not for Profit.

Our main objective is to offer addictions treatment at home – including a range of relapse prevention, counselling, range of related medical services, etc.

Sadly, not everyone is suitable for home detox or addictions treatment at home. If home-based services are not offered to you

On the grounds of safety, and we recommend a residential rehab centre, Addictions UK will not accept any commissions paid to us.

We recommend you read an article on Referral Agents published by one of the major Addictions Hospitals in the UK – Castle Craig Hospital, situated near Peebles in Scotland. Please read:

Some things you can do to ensure your safety and quality of service

  • Check those Web-Based Companies out – especially those that advertise heavily over the internet. It is important to check the out in such places as The UK Companies House website. If they claim that they have contracts with BUPA or AXA or other Insurers – ring them up and check their credentials. This will avoid the horror stories that we have seen occur by people who have been ripped off. Remember it is illegal for agencies to sell people drugs to detox if they are not suitably qualified.
  • If an agency offers the support of Counsellors – check out their credentials. Are they registered with the BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) as Accredited Members? Counsellors should be qualified and ideally be accredited to offer such services.
  • Compare services and costs with several agencies. It is a good idea to pay with a Credit Card so you will have rights under UK Consumer Protection Legislation. A Bona Fide addictions or mental health organisation will never “hard sell” medical services. Beware of anyone that tries to secure an instant sale.

AddictionsUK is a specialist agency offering addictions treatment at home – Home Detox Services, Training, Recovery Housing Services – since 2002.

For further details contact us on 0800 1 404044 or send a message online.

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