Cellphone/mobile Website

See Addictions UK on your mobile phone.

More people are using their mobile phones and SMART devices to surf the Internet. A suitably accessible summary of our website is available for them to use (see the screenshot here).

If you need content that fits nicely onto a smaller screen please visit www.addictionsuk.com/mobile or click the cellphone/mobile website link at the top of our Home Page

For more detailed information, our comprehensive main website is still available at https://addictionsuk.com/

Addictions UK is a main specialist provider of Home-based addictions treatment  in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland – offering customised services to people with Addictions problems, including Drug and Alcohol addictions and numerous other pathological dependencies.

More information about Home Detox services and a wide range of other therapeutic services can be accessed via our websites or by telephoning 0800 140 4044.  You are just a phone call away from addictions recovery.

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