Common Myths About Addiction (Part 1)

To help, we must first understand 

Drug and alcohol addiction is an illness that is frequently misunderstood. 

Some of the myths are small, while others can be rather dangerous. Like any other problem, substance abuse cannot be appropriately dealt with until it is fully understood. Because it is such a widespread problem, we must do everything we can to educate ourselves on what addiction truly is so that we can better help our friends and family who may be struggling. 

These are three popular myths concerning substance misuse, followed by the truth:

You Can Detox by Yourself

One of the deadliest myths is that drug and alcohol addicts can detox on their own. Although every addict and addiction are unique, it is never recommended that someone attempt to detox on their own, as the results can be fatal. Addicts in recovery who attempt to detox on their own have been known to have some or all of the following adverse effects:

  • Headaches
  • Tremendous delirium
  • Insomnia
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Heart attack
  • Seizures, among other things

Detox should always be done under competent medical supervision. If the alcoholic is fairly healthy, a home detox is a convenient option.  

Relapse Shows That Addiction Therapy Is Ineffective

This is another false belief can be deadly when it prevents alcoholics addicts from seeking help. 

Addiction treatment has a long history of reclaiming lives and breaking free from the bonds of addiction for even the most seemingly helpless individuals. Regrettably, relapse is prevalent and cannot be avoided entirely. On the other hand, a relapse should never be viewed as “going back to square one,” but rather as a hiccup on the road to recovery.

Addicts Can Quit if They Wanted To

Some individuals falsely believe that addicts can stop using drugs or alcohol if they want to. 

Those who are unfamiliar with substance misuse frequently think, “If he/she genuinely loved me, they would stop consuming substances.” Even though it’s hard to change, this way of thinking can hurt relationships and make the addict’s problem worse.

It is critical to understand that addiction is a chronic disorder that causes the addict to obsessively seek out and abuse substances. Many addicts have compared their drug cravings to being an entirely different person. When they need drugs, that is all they can think about, and they do not consider the consequences of their actions, no matter how terrible they may be. They have to face the consequences as soon as effect wears off, and the guilt and shame they feel often make them want to use drugs again to escape the uncomfortable feelings.

Trying to Overcome Addiction is Futile

This is yet another incorrect assumption. Any attempt to overcome a substance misuse problem brings the addict closer to freedom. Joining a substance abuse treatment plan is the best option for any addict since they will receive the necessary support, assistance, and resources to conquer their addiction.

 Anybody can overcome an addiction. So, if you or someone you care about is addicted to drugs, you should show compassion and never give up hope.

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