Concordat Launches New Website

Share the news and make your views known about The Concordat of Recovery Agencies new website.

The Concordat of Recovery Agencies has launched its website

This will be improved over the next few weeks – but it is now LIVE … have a look at the site when you can.

The organisers have requested Concordat members and other interested parties to make suggestions for any changes etc.

Addictions UK as a full member of the Concordat and wishes to express its gratitude to Deidre Boyd for all her hard work. At last people are taking notice.

Those supporters who use TWITTER are encouraged to TWEET the link.

Recovery Agencies are now working more closely together – If you are involved in this kind of work and you are not involved in the Concordat please contact them ASAP or write to or fill-in our contact form and we will pass on your message. You can also telephone us on 0800 140 4044.

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