Continuing Coaching and After Care

Ongoing support for as long as you need it
Our 24/7 Coaching Line and After-care Services are available free of additional charges to anyone who has completed any of our Treatment Programmes.
Most of our clients complete their rigorous and intensive addictions treatment programme. All the available evidence shows that those people who continue to work on their recovery maintain their sobriety longer than those people who suddenly stop. Generally people tend to relapse when “life is good”; people often “float” back to addictive behaviour gradually rather than relapse in a moment.
We recommend that clients secure ongoing support – either with Addictions UK or other self-help groups and plan for ongoing After-care.
After-care sessions are relatively inexpensive – contact us for details. Our 24/7 Helpline is available to all our former clients free of charge. Most self-help groups do not charge you to attend meetings.

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