Detox at Home for Drugs and Alcohol

Detox can be arranged as part of your Home-based Recovery Process. We offer a choice of detox, including residential options, which is affordable, effective and confidential.

  • Home-based detox services managed by doctors and nurses.
  • Residential detox, offered by several providers here in the UK
  • Confidential treatment outside this country.
  • A range of additional support services, customised to meet each client’s individual requirements.
  • Fees for privately arranged Detox services must be paid in advance.

If you have discussed Detox with one of our staff and need treatment to begin urgently, please complete our Medical Assessment Questionnaire.
You will also need to complete, as appropriate, the MAST Questionnaire about your alcohol use or the DAST Assessment about your use of drugs.

Home-based Detox Service

Home-based Detox offers an excellent alternative to treatment in a residential centre and, under medical supervision to suit your needs, provides a safe way to clear alcohol or drugs from your body.
This confidential, effective and affordable treatment will normally last between seven and ten days.

The Benefits of our Home-based Detox

  • Prompt: Our appointed doctor can normally visit consult with you within two working days at a time that suits you both. In some parts of the UK it may take a day or two more to fit in your appointment.
  • Healthy: A Doctor or Prescribing Nurse will make an assessment and, whenever appropriate, will prescribe medicines to help your body adjust to being without alcohol or drugs. This treatment avoids the sudden changes which can bring on seizures or fits and will help you avoid the discomfort and anxiety of “cold turkey” reactions. Your system will steadily re-balance as the medication is gradually reduced but, at the start, you will be given a strong sedative and something to help you sleep.
  • Convenient: Unlike signing in for treatment in a clinic which isolates you from your normal pattern of life; home-based treatment allows you to carry on with many of your regular activities.
  • Affordable: The cost of residential treatment is obviously much higher than living at home through your detox, even if you require additional support.
  • Discreet: You may worry about the possible effect on your career by going away for treatment; you may fear what might happen to your family or social life. Being treated in your home ensures confidentiality. It may not be necessary even to inform your GP.
  • Supported: After the initial prescribing consultation, our 24/7 helpline is available to deal with any urgent questions or any complications you need to report. You will also need help from a skilled therapist to help you remain free from addiction. Our programme includes the first month of ongoing support to help you avoid addiction in future.
  • On-going: We have a range of coaching services which can also continue to support you and, where appropriate, your family and friends, including through our 24/7 helpline.

Detox is not a cure. You will need continuing care. Find out more or contact us now.
When Home-based detox is not appropriate, we can assist in arranging Residential Detox.
Addictions UK does not contribute any personal information or statistics in any form to the National Treatment Agency or other Addiction Databases

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