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Addictions UK Home treatment service is aimed at reaching those who cannot attend residential rehab centres

When we established Addictions UK, the Founding Members were determined to offer our unique and innovatory services to those people who could not attend residential treatment services because their particular circumstances would not allow such treatment.
Clients such as: Single Parents, Over 50s, The Disabled, People who cannot or choose not to attend Community Meetings like AA/NA, Rural inhabitants, the Great and the Good – including those people in the Public Eye and Professionals like Doctors and Dentists, Vets, Nurses, School Teachers, Religious leaders, Solicitors, Accountants and Public Figures, people from the BME Communities (Black and Ethnic Minorities who face problems of racism) and people from the Lesbian and Gay Community who are fearful about Homophobia.
We believed at the time (2003) that the Public Drug and alcohol Services were aimed at young males living in urban areas. In 2010 with a new government we are seeing the effects of the NTA and DAATS cutting many of their services.  Clients rarely get to find out from these public bodies about Private Services and those offered by the Charity and Social Enterprise Agencies such as Addictions UK.  Many DAATs (Drug and Alcohol Teams) seem to believe that treatment facilities have to be run by the Local Authorities and health Services to be any good. This is total nonsense.
For the last eight years, Addictions UK has been developing and fine tuning addictions treatment services that can be delivered into the home – treatment on demand that addresses all aspects of dependency problems including the need for a Medical Detox where required.
Addictions Treatment can also be offered to people with non drug and alcohol related addictions.  We regularly help people with shopping, shoplifting, sex, pornography, gambling, internet, gaming, and many other addictions.
We work all over England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  We even work in other parts of the English speaking world.  Please contact us if you would like more details of our wide range of services or telephone +44 (0) 191 410 9000 (international) or 0800 140 4044 from the UK. Contact us at Addictions UK or e-mail info@addictionsuk.com or visit Home Detox UK

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