Do It Now!

Thought: ‘You ask me what’s wrong with procrastination? I’ll tell you tomorrow.’

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We often make jokes about putting things off, amusing little throw-away lines.
But taken seriously, procrastination is actually a form of insidious, creeping denial.
We keep telling ourselves that a problem is really not so important; solving it can wait another day or two … or more.
Meanwhile, instead of coming under control or at best remaining stable, our problems increase and worsen.
It’s probably more true of addiction than of anything else, whether it’s alcohol addiction, drug addiction or addiction to some other substance or process.
“Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow,” we joke. But with each passing moment our problems are getting worse and our opportunities are slipping by.
It may take “rock bottom” to bring us to our senses. But there’s just a chance that we will realise that we are not kidding anyone, not ourselves, not those around us, and it really is time to face the challenges, right now, right here.
If you think you may have a problem with alcohol or drugs or anything else which is taking over your life, please contact us now, especially if you are seeking home-based treatment.

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