Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying

Denial is powerful in blocking Recovery

Denial is an emotion or a state of mind that prevents us from looking at ourselves. It can be uncomfortable, painful and difficult to take responsibility for making changes in our lives. For people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs, denying reality can prevent this painful process of self reflection. However, this also stops change.
We are in denial if we reject facts that are too uncomfortable or difficult to accept.
To stop being in denial requires great determination and strength. We have to want to change our life, how we view our relationship with ourself and others and be honest with ourself.
We all have to face difficult and painful situations at some point in our lives; it is how we deal with these situations that helps us to discover our true self. Burying our head in the sand will solve nothing.
Being honest with our self is the first step in overcoming addiction, until we accept that our life is unmanageable due to drug or alcohol use, there is nothing we can do to change.
Facing up to ourselves is difficult and requires humility but it allows us to become responsible and take control of our choices.  It may also help us realise we may need some help.
Simon Stephens, Director of Casework at Addictions UK said, “The first step in recovery is overcoming denial”.
Addictions UK offers a specialist Home-based Service for people addicted to drugs and alcohol and prescription drugs.  We offer a range of services to combat pathological dependence.  Medical Detox at home is available to those people choosing this option who might be able to receive this service safely.
For more information contact us now on line or telephone 0800 140 4044.
You are just a phone call away from addiction recovery.

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