Escaping Disaster

Thought: ‘No risks means no progress. Poorly managed risks means disaster.’

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When disaster overtakes you, you have to do something. Whether it’s an accident or some natural event or your life’s in a mess, you need to take action.
You’re faced with the risks of the extremes. If you do nothing then nothing is going to change, certainly not for the better. And if things might get worse if you fail to act, they certainly will if you make the wrong decisions.
Of course it’s hard not to panic in the face of danger, whether it’s immediate or longer term and it’s all too easy to rush into hasty decisions, wrong decisions.
At least when the problem you are facing is addiction to alcohol or drugs or something else there is both time to consider your options and lots fo help available. Addictions UK, for instance, has a range of programmes to help you through recovery and many of them allow you to tackle your illness without giving up you work or going away from family and friends and the support they give you. We back you throughout with the support you need from medics and counsellors.
Abstinece and the Twelve Step Programme provide a tried and tested path to recovery. Let’s not pretend it is an easy one, but it works.
So don’t panic. Don’t give up hope and don’t rush into rash and ill-considered action. Get the help you need to assess the situation and make a plan for a rescued life.
Please contact us now if you need help with recovery from any addiction and especially if you are seeking home-based treatment.

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