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Facing the Real Dangers

Escaping from denial
One of the biggest challenges for addicts (and for many other people too) is escaping from denial. We keep telling ourselves that everything is OK, there’s really no problem at all or, if there is, then it’s manageable.
“Risk Assessment” has become a cliché, often laughed off and shrugged aside along with the rest of the “health and safety” jargon.
Trouble is, there really are all sorts of dangers in life and there’s a lot to be said for anticipating them and developing strategies to avoid or cope. The trouble is it’s all too easy to minimise the dangers and maximise the difficulty of dealing with them. Only when the house is on fire does insurance look affordable after all.
That charging bull makes leaping that fence look a lot less impossible!
The first step to solving any problem is to face the fact that it exists. Maybe the crisis of “rock bottom” is the charging bull that makes it obvious just how much danger you are in. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones, able to admit there is a problem before it has started to overwhelm you. Either way Addictions UK has the experienced staff to help you confront the issues and start to tackle them. And with home-based addiction treatment, the obstacles you have to climb over may be a lot less daunting than you fear.
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