Finding Hope

One small ray of hope can lead to the light
Depression is a horrible affliction, whether it is brought on by particular events or is a chronic condition. Although, in reality, things may not be as bad as they seem, being told that is worse than unhelpful as it just adds to the isolating feeling that no-one understands.
The truth is, however, that there always is a way forward. Whatever has happened to destroy your happiness or health or security or confidence, you are the same person you have always been and what you have learned and achieved throughout your life has not been wiped away.
Somewhere in the darkness are the remains of possibilities and when you find them you can begin to rebuild them.
As so often, the smallest steps are often the most successful and empowering.
Helping a child complete homework becomes a tiny reminder of the mental power and potential still within you. More importantly, perhaps, it recalls and reveals the possibilities within relationships.
The smallest, day one, basic beginner’s task at work can become the reminder of a career of experience and achievement.
Progress, be it almost insignificant, holds out hope.
Seeing what we once were is not only about how far we have fallen but also about what we could be again.
The tiniest viable fragment of a life in pieces, once found, can show us the possibilities for recovery and the need to accept help.
“The only way is up”.
If you would like help picking up the pieces of your life, contact Addictions UK now, especially if you are seeking home-based treatment for alcohol or other addictions.

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