From Another Angle

If at first you don’t succeed, you may be a late developer

There has been a debate in education (and not just recently) about whether it’s right, even necessary that children should be challenged by targets and face the stark realities of falling short in a competitive world. Both sides of the argument would agree (mostly) that today’s result matters less than tomorrow’s potential. It may or may not be fine to tell children that what they have done isn’t good enough but hardly anyone thinks children should be told they have no hope of doing better in the future.
Each of us needs to give our own inner child hope and encouragement.
History is full of stories of those who were late developers or who, having made little progress at first, eventually succeeded and became respected and admired.
For many of us, especially those facing crises, “success” and “achievement” are irrelevant dreams. The potential for “recovery” and “normality” is sufficient goal.
And that possibility is always there; it;s never an unrealistic hope.
Your life and achievements may not be remembered and celebrated for ages to come (though that’s not impossible) but what is certain is that your life can be better than it is.
Never give up hope. However hard it has been, the future can be better and believing that is the first step to achieving that.
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