Full of Possibilities

Thought: Your limits are always a little beyond what you think they are.

Addictions UK uses Twitter to share inspirational Thoughts every day. This article is based on one of them.

Most people would accept that it is a good, inspirational and not unrealistic Thought that you can achieve more than you think possible and it’s always worth trying.

What we often forget is that it works at every point along the scale.

It relatively easy for the high achiever to imagine greater achievements. It will take effort and determination, and vision too, but the conqueror can see that more conquests can be made.

But what about at the other end?

Well the same is true, in different terms, for a person who feels he is starting from the bottom. In fact, the smallest gain may mean proportionally far more. A man who has just ten pounds and earns another ten will likely be more appreciative and grateful than the man who has made his second million.

And those who struggle the most should be proudest of the progress they make, however small. When there seems no point in doing anything at all, just getting out of bed is an achievement.

For a anyone revoering from addiction to drugs, alcohol or any other substance or process, each clean day is a success and the first clean hour is a triumph.

Success is always possible but not always certain. Even being able to accept setbacks and becoming able to try again is progress.

You should always hope to do more than you Thought possible – often you will – but you should always rejoice in the smallest advance.

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