Getting going

Thought: ‘At first I couldn’t believe I would ever succeed. Now I can’t believe that at first I failed.’

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Can you remember the first time your got on a bike? Even if it had stabilisers it was probably a scary experience.
The struggle for confidence to try the new and challenging remains a challenge throughout life.
Even when we know things are wrong, like when life has become unmanageable as a result of drug addiction, alcohol addiction or something else, the familiar, however messed up, is in some way still comfortable.
Being afraid of the new and untried is an experience we all share. But so is the feeling of breaking through the barrier and conquering doubt and dread and acquiring a new skill.
Do you remember, too, the times when you have been reduced to bashful laughter when, after hesitating for so long, you finally “took the plunge” and success was so much easier than you expected.
That should remind us that, however daunting the way ahead, with support and encouragement and a reliable plan, it’s always worth trying it.
Don’t stay stuck in the wrong place just because it’s comfortable and you’re frighted to let go. Reach out,  move on, succeed.
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