Honest Self-Examination

Thought: “Why ever did I do that?” should never be left as a rhetorical question.

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Too much introspection is a dangerous self indulgence but it’s equally dangerous to blinded by denial.
We all do things that we later regret. Sometimes it’s easy to see what happened. We were overtired or under pressure. We simply over-reacted. But sometimes, on reflection, our own behaviour seems quite inexplicable.
The greater the consequences, real or potential, the more important is that we do not simply shrug it off. If what happened put us or others in a bad place then it’s essential we analyse what happened and find strategies for avoiding a recurrence.
If the process is confusing or frightening or just too hard then we may need help. Maybe it’s something to discuss with family or a friend or a mentor.
Perhaps the most important part of reviewing the events is the opportunity to consider if an apology or some repair or restitution is required.
If you find yourself thinking “Whyever did I do that?” then answer the question!

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