If at first you never try, how can you succeed?

The fear of failure is self-fulfilling
Most people are nervous about anything new and people whose lives have been disrupted through whatever cause are more cautious than most about reaching out of whatever security and stability they have managed to find.
But if you do nothing then nothing is going to change. Risk is an inescapable part of life.
There’s no need to be reckless though. “Risk assessment” may be a cliché but it’s nothing new. Our grandparents knew to “look before you leap” and whenever there’s an opportunity to seize, it would be irresponsible not to consider all the factors and possible outcomes.
It is foolish too to refuse support and to avoid sensible precautions. Take advice from your friends and family and mentors and consider what options there are to limit the damage that a failure might bring.
For those seeking recovery from addiction to alcohol or drugs or something else, that extra support is vital.
In truth though, most of the opportunities that come along are not at so threatening or dangerous.
Nervousness and hesitancy come from an invitation to join a new support group or to try a method of meditation, to read a lifestyle guide or immerse yourself in the healthy distractions of a new activity.
So “if it might just work”, and especially if it HAS worked for other people, why not see if it can work for you too?
Give it a go!
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