Look on the Bright Side

Thought: ‘Now you can laugh at yesterday’s adversity. Get ahead of the game and laugh at today’s.’

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Time, they say, is a great healer and we know that to be true. Without belittling the difficulty and reality of the problems people suffer, it remains true that we can usually look back on most problems with a new perspective. Sadly, there are exceptions of course.
If only we could travel through time and look at today’s adversities from tomorrow’s perspective.
Maybe we can. Maybe we can pause and ask ourselves, “How does today’s problem compare with what went before? Is it any worse than other challenges which I survived?”
Addiction to drugs or alcohol or anything else can present us with seemingly overwhelming difficulties but, with the help of our friends and mentors, it is possible to take a fresh look at them and realise that we are able to deal with them.
It might be asking too much to expect us us to laugh away the problems we confront right now, but we might be able to stop them reducing us to tears.
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