Need Help to Stop Shoplifting?

TV company needs help with a programme about shoplifting and is ready to fund treatment.

We have been approached by a Television Production Company which is interested in finding someone aged between 18 and 32 to help with a programme about shoplifting.
This is not about shoplifting for gain but where the individual either is unaware of their actions or is aware but is at a loss to explain why they have shoplifted.
Should the idea go into production, the company is willing to fund the client’s three months programme of recovery with Addictions UK.
The project would be ethical at all times and nothing would be done to harm the client’s interest. The client would be involved closely with decision making throughout the making of the programme.
If you are interested or know someone for whom this could be of benefit please contact Addictions UK on line or telephone 0800 140 4044.
Addictions UK has no editorial or management responsibility for this TV Programme.

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