Never Too Late

Thought: ‘If you didn’t do everything you should today, then you have something worth doing tomorrow.’

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Sometimes it’s procrastination. There are things we know we really should do but, for whatever reason, we decide to be occupied with other things and to put them off.
Sometimes we get to the end of an unbelievably busy day and realise we missed out on something important.
For some it’s a deliberate policy. If they leave a task long enough in the “pending” tray, there comes a time when there’s no point in doing it any more.
That’s not a good policy, especially when others are depending on you to get things done, whether it’s at work or at home, in your business or your relationships.
For the most part it’s never too late to put things right.
Recovery from addiction to alcohol or drugs or anything else includes the need to think about the wrongs we have done and the good things we left undone. Re-opening old wounds is rarely a good idea, but it’s too easy to use that excuse to avoid the difficult and uncomfortable business of reconciliation.
If you didn’t do it today don’t write it off; get it done tomorrow.

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