Out of the Woods

Thought: When rotten trees are blown over, they let in the light.

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Life is full of change. Often it’s uncomfortable and unnerving, but change is an unavoidable fact of life.

Sometimes change is for the good and very welcome, especially when we have worked hard for something we really wanted, maybe a new job, a new house or one day free from addiction.

A forest is always changing, too. Obviously all its plants are growing and, just like a person, it becomes bigger and more mature. It’s development may be imperceptible day-by-day but from hour to hour it can seem very different if the sun shines through the trees or the wind blows or the rain or the snow falls on it. And as we see the weather passing swiftly and bringing a different feel to the woods, we should be reminded that the environment of our lives usually brings joy after sadness and sometimes difficulties for which we should prepare when times are good.

When a mighty tree falls, change is dramatic and disturbing. Just as in life, what’s gone can be something old and rotten and unwanted; it’s a relief to see it go. Sometimes a storm or disease will strike a healthy, valued tree and its ending is a time of sadness.

Either way, the new space and light provide an opportunity for new growth.

In life we need to take care that new opportunities bring the right sort of healthy fresh beginnings. We don’t want a tangle of bramble and weeds filling the space left by whatever has gone.

The storms in your life can do a lot of damage. They can uproot your shelter, your support and the sources of your joy. But even these losses make space for new growth. You can, with help and encouragement, take control and turn disaster and loss into opportunity.

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