Pace yourself

Thought: ‘A sprinter will never complete a marathon.’

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There’s no magic wand, nothing you can wave and change everything in a moment.
Recovery from alcohol or drug addiction or anything else which has taken over your life is not going to be a speedy process. In one sense, of course, it goes on for ever and the “cure” is never complete.
It’s really important to take that on board at the start and not to become depressed or disillusioned when the progress is slow or even when you face setbacks. It’s the long haul that matters. While every day free from addiction is an achievement and a victory, it is just one step along the road.
Somerset farmers have a saying, “soonest ripe, soonest rotten”. What is hastily built will quickly crumble.
There are times in life when urgency matters, time to change things quickly, before it’s too late. The start of the recovery process is one of them.
But there are other times when success depends on steadiness and stamina and on pacing yourself so that you have the energy to reach your goal.
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